Fun Exploding Science Experiments

One of the best ways to attract your child's attention and get them interested in science is to demonstrate some fun exploding science experiments! Showing them a great explosion and then explaining to them why it happened, and how it can be recreated will create a curiosity for learning, and will show your child that science experiments can be a lot of fun! Do any of these fun exploding science experiments in your home, and let the learning begin!

Pseudo Explosion

To get started with your fun exploding science experiments, try one that doesn't really explode, as the sound may scare your child at first. Putting dry ice into some warm water produces gas and water vapor so rapidly that it is visible. It gives an eerie smoky effect. You can usually buy dry ice at an ice cream store. Teach your child not to hold the dry ice, as it is usually cold enough to hurt them. Demonstrate how this kind of ice is different from regular ice because it doesn't melt into a liquid, it just evaporates into the air. That is because it isn't made out of water, but of carbon dioxide.

Pretend to concoct secret potions with your dry ice, and watch it bubble over water. This experiment is best to teach right before Halloween so you and your child can come up with color ideas for water. Place differently colored jars of water around your lawn or front porch and drop in some dry ice. This will create a spooky effect around your home, perfect for the scary holiday!

Soda Fountain

One of the most famous fun exploding science experiments is the soda fountain. Explain to your child how soda is filled with carbon dioxide gas that is connected to the liquid of the soda. When you drop in a whole roll of Mentos candy into the soda, the tiny holes in the candy reacts with the carbon dioxide in the soda, forcing the gas up and out of the bottle. Place a liter of soda in the middle of your garden and have your kids get ready to dance around the fountain. Drop in the roll of Mentos candies and watch it work! While it isn't a huge explosion, it's a lot of fun!

Bag Burst

This fun exploding science experiment uses the same principles used by the classic erupting volcano science fair project. Take a two tablespoons of baking soda and wrap it up in some tissue paper. Then grab a zip lock bag and put in half a cup of warm water followed by a cup of vinegar. Zip the bag up partially then put it in the center of your garden, put in the tissue with baking soda and zip the bag up the rest of the way. Stand back, because the bag will expand till it explodes!

The bag explodes because once the baking soda an vinegar interact, they produce carbon dioxide gas which fills the bag until the only way out is for it to explode! As we can see, carbon dioxide was used in all these fun exploding science experiments. To make this a true day of learning, try to figure out what it is about carbon dioxide that allows it to do any of the three experiments just discussed!

If your child sees science as boring and difficult, spark their interest and imagination by making science fun! There are tons of easy experiments you can do at home to help your child understand and love the amazing world of science! Check it out now at Amazing Science Discovery!