Having Fun With Science

Not enough people have fun with science. It may be because of some preconceived notions that science is boring or hard, or complicated, or for those who are really smart. What many don't realize however is that some of our aversions towards things can be passed down to our children. For example, if all a child hears is that math is hard or that you hate doing math, they may also get the idea that it is hard and they should hate it. As a result, when they take up math in school, they do end up finding hard and hating it.

This can also happen with science, and it is for this reason that parents are encouraged to have fun with science at home even while their children are very young. In fact if they begin while their children are young then their children will likely see science as a fun and easy subject that can be done anywhere. This of course is true because science is found in almost everything we do and in everything around us.

Don't be worried about not being able to pull off having fun with science. When your children are young, scientific concepts are pretty simple, and the little fun experiments that can be done are very easy. What you want to achieve is giving them a good attitude towards science and school, and this is definitely one way to do that, even if the projects are easy.

Start by having a sbhedule of when you can have fun with science. Maybe it's every evening before preparing dinner, every Saturday and Sunday morning, or whatever schedule works best for both you and your child. Setting it up like a play date, and making it something your child will look forward to will really change their attitude towards the subject. Plus, it's a good way to spend time and bond with your children.

Next, figure out what they're learning in science class or what they will be learning, and start with those topics. You will find many easy projects online that you can have fun with science with, and most of the materials these projects will require are already found in your home! Things like making a model eardrum, your own air freshener, or a backyard sun dial in the first or second grade are all fun and easy projects that touch on scientific topics and will help your child understand their science concepts well while having fun with science at home. That will definitely give them an open mind towards the subject, and it will become one less subject you'll have to worry about when it comes to your child's report cards!

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