Traditions and Celebrations

The origins of the customs that we think of as peculiarly associated with the celebration of the New Year, first appear in the ways the ancient peoples regarded the New Year. Likewise the other ancient societies in other parts of the world, the New Year festivities had been observed in our wild forests and plains by the native Indians. To the Creek Indians the ripening of the corn in July or August signified the termination of one year and the beginning of another. It was their customs to drape themselves with new clothes, replace the old interiors and households.

In that same way the modern society places attention into bringing something new into our lives, as part of our celebratory mode. Another native Indian tribe, The Iroquois, who inaugurated the new year in January, February or March with ceremonies emphasizing the expulsion of evil spirits. The customs involved the use of disguise and masks, making noises and confessions were all practiced by them.

Renewal seems to be the main objective of New Year, while the soil gets purified with the rain, snow and dormancy, the humans also prepare and plan new strategies for survival and hold dreams for a better future that they will bring in their hearts into the New Year. This time is the perfect time for a fresh start, the end of the year can take with it the heartaches, torments and sadness, so that a new prospective, new and better vibrations will take us into the new action just a week from now.

As the soil and plants get rid off unwanted growths by the seasonal changes and dormancy, humans also find themselves renewing, rethinking and re-planning. The soul most be clean first, before entering a new set of feelings, new problems and obstacles will also come, the hope is that we use these last days of the year to be at peace with the old obstacles, feelings and problems. New people, new soil, new efforts, new plants, new dynamics in everything that involves Nature and Humans.

With a new spiritual disposition may all of us finish this year with all wounds healed, and may we begin our journey keeping three words in mind, Strive, Seek and Find. Transmit this to all friends, family and always keep this efforts while working regular jobs, farm, and garden activities, we transmit good vibrations and we shall receive great gain, let Nature know you are in the right track of mind.

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