Surviving Severe Storms

If you're in the path of the hurricane, or other strong weather here are a few quick tips that may help you or even be the key to your survival.

Tip 1: Pack a go bag with two or three days clothing, for each person in your home, make sure you take all necessary toiletries and place them in a central place in a plastic garage bag. Don't forget if you have small children to pack diapers formulas or anything they need in a separate baby bag for easy access.

Tip 2: If your home is serviced by well water or even if you have city water it's a good idea to fill a spare bathtub with water using extreme caution if you have any small children that could get to it place a pool alarm in the tub as a precaution take great care to prevent drowning. This could be a great source of water to flush toilets and clean cookware. It is not recommended for cooking or consumption.

Tip 3: Have more than one car? Try to separate your cars by 50- 100 yards meaning do not park both of them in the garage because if you garage gets damaged you will be out two cars instead of one. The best idea is to shelter one vehicle and park a vehicle somewhere else preferably away from trees, power lines, or tall objects that could fall and damage the vehicle, don't forget to fill it with as much gas as you can afford.

Tip 4: Take the time now to contact your local authorities or the Red Cross so that you have there numbers, it would be a great idea to program them in your cell phone. Find out where the closest shelters are. If your home is extensively damaged and you may need to make a run for it!

Tip 5: Make sure all your cell phones have a full charge and you have spare batteries for your flashlights. If you are going to use candles make sure they are slow burning and not scented candles, if you burn to many scented candles at one time the smells can become overwhelming. Place everything in a centralized place. Plastic containers are a great idea, to keep things dry and organized. If your going to use emergency candles do not leave them unattended, burning while sleeping, or within reach of small children. A great alternative is a rechargeable LED lantern available almost anywhere they are about $15.00 and can even be recharged in your car.

Tip 6: During the storm stay away from windows and doors, as close to the center of your home as possible and on the lowest floor of your home. If your home sustains damage during the storm do not try to evacuate immediately unless you feel your home has received structural damage to the extent that you would be more at risk in your home than out in the storm. Minor damage to your home such as broken windows or a limb or tree in the side of the roof you are most likely safer to ride it out and not risk going out into the storm again, you must use your best judgment about the condition of your home.