The Science of Dieting

The science of dieting is a subject you will find me waxing lyrical about daily.

My major refrain?

It's all balderdash.

I have read a lot of rubbish in my life but never so much as I've read in regards to the diet industry. Clearly self-serving and clearly misleading, much of the so called 'expert opinion' out there is undoubtedly having a detrimental effect of peoples weight loss plans and consequently their self-esteem.

The industry is now worth an incredible £2billion pounds in the UK, an amazing amount of money. Unfortunately, it is not a sign of the diet industry's success at helping people lose weight - the complete opposite in fact.

To be successful commercially, the diet industry must fail to help people lose weight. If a diet plan, a pill or some other panacea was actually created that could really make people thin, the diet industry would cease to exist almost overnight. This means that there is a vested interest in all diet industry businesses to protect their market by preventing you losing weight.

One of the best ways for them to achieve this underhanded and self-serving result is to confuse and over-complicate their message. If your potential clients are convinced that dieting is some sort of difficult science, needing in-depth knowledge of nutritional and physiological theory, they will be forced to turn to these pseudo scientists for advice and consequently buy their products to help them lose weight. Its worked for many years and I am under no illusion that this process can be altered overnight.

My philosophy is that people should try to realise in consciousness, what they already know on some level. Ask the majority and they will tell you that losing weight and feeling better is a really very simple process, you don't need a doctorate in nutrition or scientific approach at all, you just need a little consistency, common sense and a healthy balanced diet.

Think about the truly healthy people you know. Don't they all seem to live well, just naturally? The genuinely healthy don't plan and over-think what they need to eat that day. They don't spend hours reading pseudo scientific articles on the value of Frozen Organic Mushroom Yoghurt. They just eat a natural, home cooked and balanced diet.

All I want to say is that losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle need not be a complicated or difficult thing to do. We just need to eat fresh healthy food and do a little exercise. It may sound glib but this is the truth and on some level, we all know it.

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